True Hope

Our purpose is to encourage the discouraged! Can there be anything more discouraging than to realize that with all the suffering in this life, there is no hope for what comes next?

Throughout Scripture we find examples of those who stand condemned before God. Even among God’s people, or those who thought they were God’s people, we find such examples (Matthew 7:21-23). Jeremiah warned God’s people, who were circumcised as newborns, to circumcise their hearts (Jeremiah 4:4), lest they be destroyed because while they were circumcised physically, they were not so spiritually (Jeremiah 9:25).

The apostle Paul gives us our word of encouragement today. He warned Christians not to allow themselves to be taken captive by something other than Christ (Colossians 2:8). In the next several verses the apostle continues a theme first introduced in chapter 1 concerning the preeminence of Christ. In his argument, he points out that Christians have been circumcised spiritually (Colossians 2:11), and that this happened when we were baptized, God doing the work of salvation here (Colossians 2:12).

So, with the encouragement that our eternal future can be secure, we can face whatever this life throws at us. Never forget, God loves you and so do I!

Donnie Bates