The Living Water

It is not difficult to understand the comparison between being discouraged, “weary and heavy-laden” (Matthew 11:28) with being exhausted and lost in the desert with little hope of survival. We also understand how one’s perspective can be so easily affected by our circumstances. For example, a sip of water means so much more to the one lost in the desert than it does for the one sitting comfortably in his favorite chair watching the ball game and feeling a little thirsty.

How encouraging it is to know that as broken and weighed down with despair as we can be, there is a Source of Living Water! Jesus said, “…whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst…” (John 4:14). The grammar Jesus uses means a continuous drinking, not just one sip and “you’re good to go.”

Jesus is that Living Water, that One Who declares to us all things (John 4:25 26). I know that life is hard, sometimes; and sometimes, it’s really, really hard. However, if you keep close to the Source of life giving water for your soul, you will make it out of the desert!

Remember, God loves you and so do I.

Donnie Bates