With Thanksgiving

In 1 Timothy 4, the apostle Paul warns of a coming apostasy in the church and describes some of the characteristics of that apostasy so we could recognize it.  You might wonder what that has to do with Barnabas Notes.  In the middle of this warning, Paul explains that food is to be “received with thanksgiving” (1 Timothy 4:3).

No, I’m not trying to stretch a doctrinal point to make it fit a Holiday note because it has the word “thanksgiving” in it.  The point from friend Barnabas is that God provided all that we have in this world, including the food we will enjoy on this holiday, and He provided it for our blessing.  And it should be received with thanksgiving…every day. 

Today, Thanksgiving Day, is a special day in the calendar of our nation.  Even though many may miss the point and focus more on the turkey and football, remember God is He Who provided today; give Him thanks!  He loves you, you know, and so do I.  And then enjoy the day with family, friends, turkey and football!  Happy Thanksgiving!!

Donnie Bates

An Indescribable Gift

In 2 Corinthians 9:15, the apostle Paul says we should thank God for His indescribable gift.  If you read from verse 10, this sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving passage.  Paul describes both physical and spiritual reasons why we should give thanks to God.

I recently taught a class on prayer and I emphasized giving thanks; that we have reason to give thanks no matter what happens to us in this life.  Before that class was over I was given the opportunity to put my money where my mouth was.  Quite frankly, it was harder to do than I, perhaps, had indicated in my class.  Eventually, though, after a few stressful days, I began to understand that I was being given the opportunity to practice what I had preached. 

Suffering is never fun, no matter what it is (if it was fun, we probably wouldn’t call it “suffering,” duh).  It can, however, be endured.  I am so thankful for the lesson I had to learn the hard way; and I am thankful for the friends who saw me through.  And I am thankful that God loves me.  He loves you too, by the way, and so do I.

Donnie Bates